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3D ultrasonic inspection system (Matrixeye™)

Matrixeye™ LT portable type


The world-first 3D SAFT(*1)inspection equipment with phased array function which enables higher resolution and higher sensitivity

(*1)SAFT:Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique

  • Feature 1: Easy-to-use user interface
    • Equipped with a 10.4-inch large LCD touch panel
    • Simple and user-friendly screen design
    • Ultrafast generation of C-Scan and B-Scan images
  • Feature 2: Easy-to-carry portable system
    • Works as long as four hours by a built-in battery without AC power supply
  • Feature 3: A wealth of applications
    • Not only normal beam technique but also angle beam technique are available
    • Generation of inspection reports
    • Possible to build an inspection system by combining with simple mechanical units and loading encoder signal
  • Feature 4: Advanced analysis software
    • Generation of A-Scan, B-Scan and C-Scan images, and configuration of DAC and GATE
    • Automatic calculation of defective area by setting a color pallet and threshold

Matrixeye™EX photo

Inspection examples (applications)

  • Examples of images of CFRP delamination

    Inspection examples

Automatic inspection of composite materials, metallic products and pipes by combining Matrixeye™ LT with simple mechanical units

  • X-Y scanner type

    X-Y scanner type

Specifications of the main body of Matrixeye™ LT portable type

Items Specifications ※ Note
Pulsar Range of transmission delay 12.5ns  
Transmission delay 12.5ns × 4095(51.18μs)  
Pulse voltage 20V~180V  
Tranmission pulse width variable(12.5ns~1000ns)
Receiver Number of receive channels 64ch  
Amplifier frequency range 0.5~25MHz  
Averaging 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128  
Gain 0~50dB  
Filter available  
Sampling frequency 10,20,40,80MHz  
Number of A/D converter 4  
Imaging Image update speed 25 frames/sec or more  
Image synthetic process SAFT  
Number of parallel process 48  
Number of mesh 320×1×1024(MAX.)  
Number of layer 3(including medium layer like shoe)  
Number of focal lows 128(MAX.)  
Power supply Battery Li-ion battery(95Wh)  
Number of batteries 1 or 2  
Battery operation time 2h,4h(use of two batteries)  
AC 100V~240V 50/60Hz  
Ambient temparature 5~35℃  
Ambient humidity Relative humidity:20-80%,
Non condensing
General specification Dimension W:305×D:130×H:210mm  
Weight Approx 5kg  
CPU Atom D510 1.66GHz  
Memory 2GB  
Hard disk 500GB  
OS Windows7 Pro for EMB  
Display 10.4-inch touch panel display  
USB 2.0×4  
Video output VGA  
Ethernet 1000BASE-T  
Encorder TTL,input 6bit  
Option Keyboard  
Battery × 2  
Battery charger  
AC adaptor  
Power supply cord  

※The specifications above are subject to change without notice.

Specifications of basic flaw detection software

Items Specifications Note
Display Display of A-Scan images (waveform, after SAFT processing)  
Display of B-Scan images  
Display of C-Scan images  
Display of 3D images in three-dimensional view  
Display of AMP and TOF  
Unit conversion between inch and metric  
Data acquisition Single-axis scanning (encoder/internal trigger) Possible to obtain up to 5,000 slices per index for 64 x 512
1-shot Used by a matrix probe
Off-line analysis Regeneration and analysis of C-Scan images Possible to reconfigure Gate and DAC
Soft gain function  
Display of A-Scan images (after SAFT processing)  
Display of B-Scan images  
Display of C-Scan images  
Sizing (length and area)  
Setting Task management function (collective management of measure conditions)  
Imaging area setting function
・X-Y-Z area
・Imaging start position
・Number of layers (up to three layers)
・Shape of inspection objects (plane or cylinder)
・Setting of angle
Transmit/receive pattern setting function  
Gate setting:F1、F2、F3、F4-Gate、S-Gate、B-Gate S:Surface、B:Back surface
DAC setting (32 points)  
Encoder tuning function  
Data saving form 3D  
Reporting function Screen capture  
Entry of comments  
Others Uplink setting (communication with higher-layer software)  

※The specifications above are subject to change without notice.

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