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Fluoroscopic inspection system with Color I.I.™ (Finethrough™)



  • Feature 1: Improved sensitivity
    Decrease in X-ray energy allows for acquisition of higher-contrast images.
  • Feature 2: Improved resolution
    Even a minor defect can be displayed at a high resolution.
  • Feature 3: Expanded dynamic range
    (100 times as wide as that of our existing products) An image of a composite material can be taken at one time.

The large maximum dimension of the subject reduces the time required for inspection.


Inspection examples

Fuel injection device and ignition plug

 Aluminum casting part

Spot welding (with a diameter of 10 mm)

Lithium-ion battery

Specifications of TCX5100

Model TCX5100
X-ray tube Micro-focus X-ray tube
Voltage range of X-ray tube 20 to 90 KVp (竕、0.2 mA) or 40 to 130 KVp (竕、0.3 mA)
Focal spot size 5 microns (nominal value)
X-ray detector Color image intensifier (Color I.I.TM)
Inspection field of view 4 inches: 4°φand 2°φor 6 inches: 6°φand 4°φ(two-mode switching)
Camera Color 3 CCD camera (410,000 pixels in NTSC system)
Main body of fluoroscopic system
Material Steel (partially lead)
Dimensions Approximately W1100mm x D1300mm x H2100mm
Weight Approximately 1,200 kg
Travel range of sample table Side to side: Approximately +/- 150 mm, Front to back: Approximately +/-150 mm, elevation range of Color I.I.TM: Approximately 520 mm
Direction of X-ray irradiation axis Vertical
Maximum dimensions of subject 300mm × 300mm × 145mm
Maximum weight of subject Approximately 3 kg
Measurement control unit
Dimensions Approximately W900mm x D800mm x H1320mm
Weight Approximately 70 kg
Control units 1 set of X-ray control unit
1 set of Color I.I.TM control unit
Imaging units 1 set of imaging controller (computer), 19-inch color LCD monitor
Accompanying software 1) Windows® XP
2) Image-Pro® Express

※The specifications above are subject to change without notice.

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