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3D ultrasonic inspection system (MatrixeyeTM)
Visualizes internal structure and defective shape of inspection objects with a high degree of definition

Matrixeye™ Portable type

We offer you 3D ultrasonic testing systems beyond the existing concept of ultrasonic testing technologies.
・Producing 3D images of the internal structure of inspection objects at high speed.
・Quick and accurate 3D images for spot welds,and automatic judgement for spot welds.

Fluoroscopic inspection system with Color I.I.TM (FinethroughTM)
A wide dynamic range offers easy-to-see fluoroscopic X-ray images


Using color image intensifier (Color I.I.TM) allows for acquisition of wide-range fluoroscopic images in real time. The system is equipped with a color scintillator that emits red, green and blue light, achieving a dynamic range with about 100 times as high reproducibility as that of existing X-ray image intensifiers.

Principle of non-destructive testing equipment
3D ultrasonic inspection system (Matrixeye™)

Introduction of the mechanism of 3D ultrasonic inspection systems including 3D synthetic aperture method

3D ultrasonic inspection system (Matrixeye™)

Fluoroscopic inspection system with Color I.I.™ (Finethrough™)

Introduction of the mechanism of inspection systems with Color I.I.TM including wide dynamic range

Fluoroscopic inspection system with Color I.I.TM (FinethroughTM)

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